Friday, February 02, 2007

I woke up by まこどさん in my japanese class

Yesterday, i had a very tiring class from 10am-7pm (no break between). I know it is not a big matter for any students in NUS as it is quite a normal case for them. But as for me, it is because i had tiring days continuesly for the week. Always have classes and meetings.... All my free time are occupied by meetings except sunday (Luckily!!). Yesterday, i finally can't tahan. I was half sleep half awake in まこどさん's class. Unfortunately i was sitting just right in front of him and i knew he perceived me as well. He kept asking questions in class and hold his mic in front of students and expecting thier answers. But in my instinct, i could feel that he seems like will ask me finally. (actually i feel that he has spotted me for long) However, i just dun care. Still half insane in class.. blur blur.... just waiting for the 10 minutes break to recharge myself.
Suddenlly, his mic just appeared in front of me. I quickily start thinking and answering him slowly word by word. The japanese sentence came from my mouth very 'lak lak kak kak', luckily he '收货'. Didn't ask me repeat it. Phew~~~~ 过关!!!! YeaH!!!
But after that, i was totally awakw already. During the break, i no have mood to sleep or rest already. Thanks まこどさん woke me up. Hehehe.... Then start chit chat with Li Han instead of taking a short nap.


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