Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Birthday Analysis





I found it incorrect for me. >_<
What do you think? My frenzzz....

Friday, February 02, 2007

I woke up by まこどさん in my japanese class

Yesterday, i had a very tiring class from 10am-7pm (no break between). I know it is not a big matter for any students in NUS as it is quite a normal case for them. But as for me, it is because i had tiring days continuesly for the week. Always have classes and meetings.... All my free time are occupied by meetings except sunday (Luckily!!). Yesterday, i finally can't tahan. I was half sleep half awake in まこどさん's class. Unfortunately i was sitting just right in front of him and i knew he perceived me as well. He kept asking questions in class and hold his mic in front of students and expecting thier answers. But in my instinct, i could feel that he seems like will ask me finally. (actually i feel that he has spotted me for long) However, i just dun care. Still half insane in class.. blur blur.... just waiting for the 10 minutes break to recharge myself.
Suddenlly, his mic just appeared in front of me. I quickily start thinking and answering him slowly word by word. The japanese sentence came from my mouth very 'lak lak kak kak', luckily he '收货'. Didn't ask me repeat it. Phew~~~~ 过关!!!! YeaH!!!
But after that, i was totally awakw already. During the break, i no have mood to sleep or rest already. Thanks まこどさん woke me up. Hehehe.... Then start chit chat with Li Han instead of taking a short nap.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

= Just a complain =

It has been a long time that i didn't update this blog cos i have another blog already. That is msn blog, i found that more ppl will read that more often cos most of my friends are msn users. ^_^
However, i will not abandone this blog also. As the name of this blog, 小棠的心情札记, i prefer to post my 'thought' here....
Exams are coming, everybody is extremely stress... me either... I am quite sad these days.. not because of exams but friendship. I tried hard many times to ask my coursemates study with me, but thet just ignored me! I am studying alone all the way. I am wondering... is this should be a Uni Student's life ever? Undoubtly, as a Uni student, we were not spoon-feed anymore, we have to be independent. But indepedence != alone, y most of the uni students always being alone?
Before i came to NUS, my dream Uni life is not like this! I was expecting a more exciting and challenging life!!! I like to gather with a group ppl, I like to study, have meals, play sports....with ppl. However, NUS leads a boring life to her students! 'Competition' has killed our interaction with ppl. Everyday, we stick to our study, projects, assignments, tutorials....Morever, NUS has also brought up more and more 'selfish' ppl sucessfully!!! Ppl unwilling to share his knowledges to others cos he afraids that others will get better result than him. Ppl avoid to study or work with those who is weaker than him, cos he couldn't get advantage from him!!!
I perceived a really bad phenomenon here. That is a problem getting around with ppl. At the begining of sth, ppl try thier best to get to know new friends, getting around together. At the end, they become friends!!! But when there is a late comer join in, they will treat the person as an alien!!! What the h**l??!! >_< (Oh! I am so rude!)
But is that the attitude to get a friend?? Get a friend just WHEN you need a friend?? Well, i am not blaming the ppl but the society. The society made us become like this!!

The conclusion is, I hate this society!!!!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Singapore's Chinese New Year 2006

4th of Feb,
以为一直爱吹西洋风的星加玻对农历新年并不是很重视,因为大学的假期只有短短的两天。。。。 可是今天真的让我打开眼界!!也许是因为我太没见识吧!!所以对于星加玻的大事庆祝,难免会有一些惊喜!当晚,Singapore River的两旁可说是热闹极了!各国的美食档口,摆卖中国大大小小玩意儿的摊子到处都是,还有算命,算姓的也有!!!可是能够吸引我们的,当然是美食咯!由于那里的食物太贵了,所以无法品尝每一道食物,不过说实在的,味道不怎么好,怎么都比不上怡保的美食。哈哈哈!!!



后来,我们去了靠近 Esplanade 的人行桥看烟花。当烟花飞上天空绽放时,真的好美,好灿烂。。我也不禁叫了起来,可美珊见状,立刻捂住了我的叫声,她说:“好"Xia Sui"哦!!唔。。。。也对!!可是,我觉时情绪不应该常常被隐藏起来。我很喜欢姐姐的笑声,每当看戏时,她总会不顾仪态的Kakakaka的笑起来,本来不觉得特别好笑的戏都会因为她的笑声而觉得特别好看,好笑,很轻松,也顿时让我觉得原来电影也可以这么欣赏的,总算不辜负演员们的卖力演出吧!她那Kaka大笑的笑声总为家里增添了娱乐感,我也很欣赏她那毫不掩饰自己情绪的性子。


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. Everyone is so excited and some of them is leaving now..... i suppose to be very excited to go home also. But i am afraid to face my sister now.
2006 is a special year to me, it brought me so many excitement since the start of the year. Hopefully i could learn more and grow up in this year. I am already age 21 and need to be mature.
Here, i would like to wish all of my frens have a great Chinese New Year. May they obtain sth they wanted so long and "sun sun lai lai" in this year!!!
I really hope tha everyone is 'pin pin an an' and 'kai kai xin xin'.
Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Just a little thought


Saturday, October 15, 2005

糗毙了~~~~ >_<

今天当巴士循循走上YIH车站的斜坡时,我正好从内座出来准备下车。 由于当时巴士上是蛮拥挤的,出来的时候很难拿到平衡的中心,当时巴士突然动摇了一下, 我整个人立刻失去了平衡就往后跌了!还好两旁的男生立刻抓住我的手,我才不至于跌个四脚朝天!!真谢谢他们及时伸出援手。。。可是,当 时真的好糗啊!!! 大家都在笑我。。。。 可是,我也不慌不忙的回他们一个笑容!!!!说实在的,我自己不免也笑我自己。>_<