Sunday, October 09, 2005


Few days ago, i received a terrible news from my US fren. My "friends" who worked in a same company with me in US were found died in an car accident while travelling in USA!!! I was so shock when i knew about it. They are international students from Crezh Republic, who worked in Grand Canyon during summer vacation (same as us). Two week ago, they left Grand Canyon and travel around USA before returning thier own country. Unfortunately, they had an terrible accident. Two of them had died and one of them became coma. Although i dun really know them (cos we were not in the same department), but i felt really sorry about thier accident.
It is really hard to imagine it could happen to them. It is really sad that they never had a chance to see thier family before they gone!!!!!!
It is really scary!!!
Hope that the one in coma will wake up early...... and get well soon.


Blogger tyng said...

yupzz..i am so sad to hear that's like very near and similar to us..they might have the same feeling as us when they first came to the USA, n might have missed their parents for long lucky we are!!! we are able to travel and come back to see our parents dare did we drive in the USA!!!flashing back..i'm not dare enough to drive in the USA liao...although i dunno them,i felt very bad to know this..friends,let's make life more beautiful..dun ever make urself unhappy or suffer on trifle!!dun ever ask how do we get happiness,nothing bad things happen is a good beginning to think of happiness!!!

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