Sunday, April 09, 2006

= Just a complain =

It has been a long time that i didn't update this blog cos i have another blog already. That is msn blog, i found that more ppl will read that more often cos most of my friends are msn users. ^_^
However, i will not abandone this blog also. As the name of this blog, 小棠的心情札记, i prefer to post my 'thought' here....
Exams are coming, everybody is extremely stress... me either... I am quite sad these days.. not because of exams but friendship. I tried hard many times to ask my coursemates study with me, but thet just ignored me! I am studying alone all the way. I am wondering... is this should be a Uni Student's life ever? Undoubtly, as a Uni student, we were not spoon-feed anymore, we have to be independent. But indepedence != alone, y most of the uni students always being alone?
Before i came to NUS, my dream Uni life is not like this! I was expecting a more exciting and challenging life!!! I like to gather with a group ppl, I like to study, have meals, play sports....with ppl. However, NUS leads a boring life to her students! 'Competition' has killed our interaction with ppl. Everyday, we stick to our study, projects, assignments, tutorials....Morever, NUS has also brought up more and more 'selfish' ppl sucessfully!!! Ppl unwilling to share his knowledges to others cos he afraids that others will get better result than him. Ppl avoid to study or work with those who is weaker than him, cos he couldn't get advantage from him!!!
I perceived a really bad phenomenon here. That is a problem getting around with ppl. At the begining of sth, ppl try thier best to get to know new friends, getting around together. At the end, they become friends!!! But when there is a late comer join in, they will treat the person as an alien!!! What the h**l??!! >_< (Oh! I am so rude!)
But is that the attitude to get a friend?? Get a friend just WHEN you need a friend?? Well, i am not blaming the ppl but the society. The society made us become like this!!

The conclusion is, I hate this society!!!!

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