Saturday, October 15, 2005

糗毙了~~~~ >_<

今天当巴士循循走上YIH车站的斜坡时,我正好从内座出来准备下车。 由于当时巴士上是蛮拥挤的,出来的时候很难拿到平衡的中心,当时巴士突然动摇了一下, 我整个人立刻失去了平衡就往后跌了!还好两旁的男生立刻抓住我的手,我才不至于跌个四脚朝天!!真谢谢他们及时伸出援手。。。可是,当 时真的好糗啊!!! 大家都在笑我。。。。 可是,我也不慌不忙的回他们一个笑容!!!!说实在的,我自己不免也笑我自己。>_<

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Few days ago, i received a terrible news from my US fren. My "friends" who worked in a same company with me in US were found died in an car accident while travelling in USA!!! I was so shock when i knew about it. They are international students from Crezh Republic, who worked in Grand Canyon during summer vacation (same as us). Two week ago, they left Grand Canyon and travel around USA before returning thier own country. Unfortunately, they had an terrible accident. Two of them had died and one of them became coma. Although i dun really know them (cos we were not in the same department), but i felt really sorry about thier accident.
It is really hard to imagine it could happen to them. It is really sad that they never had a chance to see thier family before they gone!!!!!!
It is really scary!!!
Hope that the one in coma will wake up early...... and get well soon.